We work with clients who are serious about creating a home environment that helps them to feel good about themselves and their home.


Our proven methods and techniques save you time, money, ensures your  budget is secure and we deliver on time.


We work in three main areas;


Home or Room Decorations

We interpret the picture you imagine as your ideal home or room and make it real  for you.

Quickly: Inexpensively and Right the first time


Starting fresh

Are you recently single? You still deserve a welcoming and warm place you can call home.

We help you to quickly, easily and inexpensively create a home by ensuring your new space works well ,looks good and is inviting for your friends.


We help you to recreate the image you have in your mind about your home and then manage all the details to  get it right for you. This includes  getting the right furniture into the right place, choosing  from a range of colours, shapes and items. It evens means we help you to keep your  favourite items of furniture and still create a new feel and  energised space.



Has your family home now outgrown its purpose?  Are you seeking a home that is right for you now – smaller, easier to manage with less time, maybe even lock up and go?


This means more than moving into a smaller more compact home.  It really means sorting through your years of memories and nik naks – and making those sometimes painful decisions to part with items.


We help you make these decisions and then help you present your prize possessions in their best light within your smaller home.


Just moving in together

Creating a new home  is always challenging when two different people come together.  When this involves two families coming together is gets even more challenging.


We help new couples and integrating families decide – without the drama and emotions, how best to combine their tastes and furniture so their new home is both welcoming and reflective of the new  “you”


Release equity from your property

Properties all over Australia are increasing in value – some areas more so than others. However,  the way in which the property is presented when it is revalued makes a significant difference to its potential market value – and therefore any equity you  may be able to realise.


Rearrange existing furniture prior to valuation

All homes reflect how our thoughts and our emotions have changed over the time we have spent there.  They are all important “things”,  but they also seldom  come together to tell a consistent story about who we are  now.


Sometimes, styling your property when getting it valued for resale, renting or releasing equity for investment purposes, results in a higher valuation and greater equity or capital gain.


We help home owners style and present their homes in the best possible light, using as much of their existing furniture and items as necessary. 


This keeps the costs down, still represents your home as you and gives you a much better financial outcome.


Declutter in preparation for sales or renovations

We all collect “stuff”, have presents we will never use, keep clothes and kitchen  gadgets which no longer  have a place in our lives.


But we hold onto these items, until eventually our homes are overflowing and we no longer feel as if there is enough space to breathe in it, never mind upgrade a new piece of furtnire.


We help home owners before they even start to think about new styles and new decorations.  We help them to get rid of their clutter – both within and without the cupboards!


Organise rental furniture

When buying an investment property and seeking to rent it,  or even selling an existing property that has no furniture,  getting a better financial decision regarding purchase price or rental is always affected by how people  feel when they enter the house,


We help home and property investors place  key items of rental  furniture in the house in order to create a feel which leads to higher financial offers from prospective buyers and renters.


We determine the overall layout plan, organise the furniture and manage the presentation.


You bank the profits.


Project manage renovations and/or upgrades ie carpet, painting window coverings etc.

Sometimes it is just great to upgrade and renovate our existing living space – the kitchen needs a boost, the study should function better or the lounge could do with a face lift.


But you do not have the time,  to do it and the thought of dealing with all the right tradespeople in the right order and getting them to stick to budget is enough to make you  trash the idea.


We project manage your renovation for you from start to finish. You decide what you want to have,  what you budget is and together we help you  implement your plan.


We deliver renovations and upgrades – no matter how small – on time, on budget , to your standard and with limited drama.


After all – you want the fun of a new space, not the drama of the renovation.